Friday, 15 April 2016

Jedward Think Outside the Box

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With John and Edward recently tweeting that they’re planning their annual summer holiday with best friend Tara Reid, we at Essentially Pop wonder if the Dublin Duo and their Sharknado 2 pal might have China on their mind?
It’s been reported in today’s Irish Sun newspaper that the pair are making it big in the world’s most populous country, with the video for their latest single, Free Spirit, being screened on music tv channels, including MTV! It’s doing very well over there, getting (so far) as high as Number 3 on the channel’s TianLaiCun western music chart.
A source told The Sun:
“Most of Jedward’s work is going to be in Asia next year.
“They aren’t doing panto this Christmas so they’ll probably come back from China, and go back out there in early 2015.”
We think featuring a stunning Asian girl in the video was a genius move, but almost as much are the gorgeous shots of the Irish countryside. The Sun goes on to quote their source:
“The amazing thing about the video is that they shot it themselves but it’s been seen by more people in China than any Irish tourism ad.”

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