Friday, 15 April 2016

What Are Jedward Doing In China??!!

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Yes that’s right – the Irish duo with the not so sky high hair announced they were off to China yesterday, posting a stage by stage story on their snapchat.

It might seem a bit strange that a pair who are, in the UK at least, best known for their X Factor, Celebrity Big Brother, and back to back Eurovision appearances, but it seems they are also big in the PRC.
Word has it that they’ve been invited to appear on popular Hunan TV daytime show, 天天向上 (Tian Tian Xiang Shang – loosely translated it means ‘Day Day Up’ – the short form of a Chinese phrase, “Good good study, day day up”), as part of their programme on Twins. The show is one of the most popular programmes in China, and many Western celebrities have appeared, including James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.
John and Edward have had moderate success in China, where some of their most recent songs, ‘Make Your Own Luck‘, and ‘Oh Hell No‘, have been featured on China’s version of MTV, with the latter rising to Number 9 on the Overseas Artists chart. They have many Chinese fans, predominantly in Hong Kong but also spread across the country.
Jedward are currently riding the crest pf a viral wave, with their most recent song, ‘Good Vibes’, gaining close to 700,000 views in just 4 weeks. Easter saw the pair perform at Dublin’s famous Button Factory, the O2 in Glasgow, and The Garage, London’s premiere medium sized live music and club venue.

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